Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Featured Artist: Laurie Near

Laurie Near in her Belleville, Ontario studio

One of the joys of art reproduction is the opportunity to spend significant time with a work of art. Photographing a painting, adjusting the image on the computer, and making test prints, cannot help but change one's relationship to the art. Paintings can obviously have an impact the first time they are viewed; with some images that impact continues to grow as one works with the image. This is a rewarding experience when it occurs.

Satori #30
One artist, Laurie Near, consistently creates art that grows in its impact as I work with it. Laurie's huge canvases depict the natural world in a way that resonates with something inside oneself. I do not understand how this works but I know that it does. Physically, these paintings have many layers separated by glaze. Viewing the work from varying angles or with different lighting reveals details not otherwise obvious. And with each new perspective the impact of the work changes.

Satori #47
Laurie's work speaks of solitude, nature, contemplation, essence. There is a Zen-like simplicity shining through the layers of complexity. Life is simple but there are many ways to view it. She says in her own artist statement, “I am most inspired by writings, music and artworks which evoke a sense of connection and timelessness.” Perhaps this explains the dramatic effect of these paintings. They tap into our “sense of connection and timelessness.”

I have been working with Laurie for four years and have never failed to be moved by her work. I enjoy the moods, the states of mind, these paintings invoke. I look forward to the next collection of paintings.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introducing the McFee Design Newsletter

Within the next week, McFee Design will be sending out (via email) the first issue of the McFee Design Newsletter.

Each issue of the newsletter will feature a different topic related to the business of art reproduction and large format gicleé printing. On a frequent basis, an artist client of McFee Design will be spotlighted.

Each newsletter issue will be linked to an article on this blog where you will find additional information about the topic or artist featured in the Newsletter. Additional information may be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/mcfeedesign .

If you are interested in receiving the Newsletter, please click on the Join Mailing List tab above and fill out the form. 

We will be featuring Belleville artist, Laurie Near, in an upcoming post and in our newsletter.

Satori #46 by Laurie Near